MODifying my Vape

I’ve written before about having quit smoking by switching to vaping. Since January I’ve spent just under $900 on vaping supplies, including upgraded equipment. By comparison, in 2014 for the same period I had spent over $1100. At the moment, that doesn’t seem like much of a difference, but when you take into account that the bulk of the vaping supplies has been me choosing to buy new tanks and batteries, there’s very little comparison. Over the long term, vaping is still less expensive than smoking. A bottle of e-liquid costs around $12 and typically lasts as long as carton of cigarettes, which costs closer to $50. Speaking of vaping gear, I recently upgraded once again to a box mod battery, specifically the SUBOX Mini by Kangertech. I actually went with the starter kit so I also got the SUBTANK Mini as well, which means I can now use sub-ohm coils. Previously I was using a Vision Spinner variable voltage battery with either a Kangertech GeniTank Mega or an Aspire Nautilus Mini. Those work well, and suit the purpose for the most part, but as the batteries (I have two of them) starting requiring recharging more often I realized it was perhaps time to upgrade. Going to box mod which uses a removable 18650 battery seemed the logical next step.

I’ve had the SUBOX Mini for two weeks now. While I was not previously interested so much in being able to use a sub-ohm coil (I mainly just wanted a battery that would last longer) I’ve discovered what all the hype is about. The lower resistant coils definitely delivery more cloud, but they also deliver more flavor. The difference between the SUBOX and the Vision Spinner, as far as function, is variable wattage versus variable voltage. With the SUBOX, you control the wattage and the voltage is calculated automatically based on the resistance of the coil (which also is shown on the LED display). I can use both standard and sub-ohm coils with the box, but only standards on the spinner. The spinner also gets hot and so the juice breaks down and becomes dark and the coils tend to burn out faster as well. With the spinner, a coil might last a week or two (depending on the juice being used). With the box, after two weeks, the coils in all my tanks are still fine and the juice still is just as clear as when I filled the tank for the first time.

As for flavor I can definitely tell a difference. The Blueberry Donut juice by eLic, to me, didn’t really hit its peak flavor potential until I put in the SUBTANK with a 0.5-ohm coil (too bad the only shop that sold this brand closed a couple of months ago nor can I seem to find it online). Not only that, but the Nautilus Mini tank, even though it uses a 1.8-ohm coil, performs much better on the box than it did on the spinner. On the variable voltage battery, the cotton in the coil would blacken fairly quickly and vapes would start to taste bitter and burnt within just a few days. Two weeks in, and I’m still on the same coil as when I switched it to use with the box. The GeniTank also performs better on the box than on the battery, but I tend to prefer the Nautilus over the GeniTank. But I prefer the SUBTANK over both of them. I’ll likely get one or two more SUBTANKs because I like having a three flavor rotation and I tend to switch on the fly by having more than one tank, each with a different juice.

The other advantage of the SUBTANK is potential long term savings by adding a bit of a hobby aspect to my vaping experience. I’ve always used tanks that only used prebuilt coils; the SUBTANK comes with both a prebuilt organic cotton coil (OCC) and re-buildable atomizer (RBA). The coils for the GeniTank and Nautilus both cost around $3 each. The OCCs for the SUBTANK cost around $4 each. However, the RBA gives me the ability to wind my own coils and wick them with cotton; I can get a 100′ spool of Kanthal resistance wire and bag of Japanese organic cotton for a little less that the cost of three OCCs and get several dozen coils and wicks out of that. The kit came with two coils and small pad of cotton for the RBA. I have experimented with wicking the coil already (with some success, although I didn’t use enough cotton the first time so it burnt up quickly). I’ve watched several tutorials on winding coils so I may try my hand at that soon as well, but I can also get pre-wound coils for fairly cheap starting out.

Even with all of the gear I have purchased, I have still spent less on vaping than smoking and I certainly enjoy the flavor more, not to mention no longer smelling of smoke. Sure, I’ve traded one vice for another, but the new one is much more enjoyable.



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