Month: April 2014

Things I wish I’d Done or At Least (maybe) Done Differently

Do you ever look back on your life and think of things that you wish you had done, or done differently, or at least wondered what your life would be like if you had?

I see pictures on Facebook every day of my friends’ and family members’ children. There is something magical in watching a child discover things for the first time; they get so excited about things that adults tend to take for granted. I have no children, but strangely enough like watching Disney and other animated movies. I seem to straddle a line between “please make your damn kids stop making so much noise” and actually thinking how awesome it is that children have the ability to just play with all the energy they have and without a care in the world. It’s the same fine line between smiling at those Facebook photos of other people’s children and rolling my eyes at them and thinking, “We get it; you think your kids are cute. Stop with the pictures already.”

And then there’s the age range. I have a niece that’s 7, one of my oldest and closest friends has a son who’s 5, another good friend has 2 children now and a buddy of mine from college who’s the same age as me has a daughter that graduated from high school last year. And I think, “Damn I’m getting old.”

Did I mention that my fiancée and I have been together for 11 and a half years? Yep; just over a decade and we’re still only engaged.

I rent a townhouse instead of looking into buying a house (mainly because I know my credit sucks, plus if something breaks all I have to do is call the landlord instead of having to pay for it myself).

What I’m getting at is, I’m 42, not actually married, don’t have any children and I don’t own my own home. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t have any regrets, per se, but sometimes I wonder, “What if…?”

What if I had kids? What if I owned my own house? What if I had made different choices when I was younger; what if I had done things differently? How different would my life be now? Would I be happier or would I be having this same internal conversation with myself anyway?

Some things I can kind of answer now, like if I had finished my degree, I most likely wouldn’t have met my fiancée (who is my perfect mate) and I almost certainly wouldn’t have the job I have now (which, while a pain in the ass sometimes, is still in a field that I’ve really always wanted to work in). As for the kids, who knows? Sometimes I regret not having children, but most of the time I’m ok with the fact that I have no offspring and the freedom to go and do whatever I want whenever I want. As for buying a house instead of renting – meh; I have a roof over my head and I like the area I’m living in, so I really don’t know that I see any benefit of buying over renting right now.

Sorry if this all seemed melancholy, but the older I get the more I tend to think about these kinds of things.

~ JC


Time to Make a Pressing Change To The Blog

For the last several years, I’ve written a blog just for fun; said blog, which I entitled Carlisle’s Chaotic Commentary, was hosted by Blogger (owned by Google). Over the last few months, I’ve become increasingly displeased with Blogger’s Dashboard. It hangs, freezes and also has gotten to the point where I have to manually edit the HTML code to get the page to display correctly. This became increasingly irritating for me since I switch between using my laptop and my Surface 2 tablet and trying to edit code on the tablet’s smaller screen (and without a mouse) can be a pain in the ass.

Also, since I’m now a subscriber to Microsoft’s Office 365, I wanted to find something that worked well with Word 2013’s built in Share feature specifically the “Post to blog” option. My attempts at doing this with Blogger proved to be less than exciting.

So, this past Friday, since I had the day off from work and had the spare time, I decided to register for a free Word Press account. I spent a couple of hours posting test blogs both manually and using the Post to blog feature in Word and I’m pretty happy with the results. Going forward, I’ll be blogging using Word and posting to Word Press instead of Blogger.

Granted, Blogger is 100% free, while certain features in Word Press only work if you subscribe to a paid account1, but even so, Word Press (so far) has been more user friendly than Blogger has been lately.

For that matter, I’m also planning on researching the possibility of migrating data from Google to Microsoft Live. It’s odd to think it, but lately I’ve gotten to where I’d rather trust and use Microsoft’s cloud features than Google’s; perhaps it’s because I own both a laptop and a tablet running Windows 8.1. *wink*

If you are reading this on the Blogger site, thanks, but this will be the last post on If you’re reading this on the new Word Press version (, thanks for stopping by and I’ll work on getting more stuff posted here soon.

~ JC


  1. For example, I can’t do much in the way of customizing the layout in Word Press using only a free account and the choice of templates is rather limited as well.